How do I connect my WooCommerce store?

In order to connect your WooCommerce store to ReadyCloud, you will first need to install the official ReadyCloud Suite plugin from the WooCommerce Store:

ReadyCloud Suite

Once installed, you will need to activate the plugin in WooCommerce by connecting it to an existing ReadyCloud account or creating a new ReadyCloud account.

If you will also be using ReadyShipper X, it is highly recommended that you download the official Shipment Tracking plugin from the WooCommerce Store:

Shipment Tracking

While there are many third-party shipment tracking plugins available for WooCommerce, the above plugin is the only shipment tracking plugin officially supported by ReadyCloud and ReadyShipper X.

By installing this plugin, ReadyShipper X will be able to update the tracking information and order status in your WooCommerce store when an order is shipped.

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