I quit ReadyShipper while the database was updating and now it won't start. What do I do?

It is never recommended that the user quit ReadyShipper in the middle of a database update. Doing so can cause damage to the database and ultimately corrupt your shipping data.

From time to time, ReadyShipper will release a major Update that may make significant improvements to the ReadyShipper database. Most often these updates are designed to improve speed, stability and overall database size. While it is recommended that you back your ReadyShipper shipments as XML before any major update, ReadyShipper does create a backup (if for any reason the update process is discontinued or fails).

To restore your ReadyShipper Database from the backup:

  1. Close ReadyShipper.
  2. Go to Documents > ReadyShipper and move the folder called Database to your desktop.
  3. Launch ReadyShipper. This will create a new, clean database folder.
  4. Go to Documents and unzip the folder called ReadyShipper Backup.rsdb.zip.
  5. Move the contents of the ReadyShipper Backup.rsdb folder into the new Database folder at Documents > ReadyShipper.
  6. The backup files should replace any new new files appearing in the Database folder by a similar name.
  7. Restart ReadyShipper.

The Database will be restored to a point just before the major update.

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