[Magento v1] I'm having trouble connecting to my store, what do I do?

In most cases, ReadyShipper needs the SOAP URL to make a connection to your Magento Store.

If you have entered your admin URL and ReadyShipper cannot establish a connection with your Magento shopping cart, then the next step is entering your SOAP URL into the Magento Admin URL field in ReadyShipper

If you have followed the directions in the Magento Module Setup Manual, the user name and API key are rarely the issue. To find your SOAP URL, add /api/v2_soap/?wsdl to the end of the Magento URL (i.e. - http://yourwebsite.com/api/v2_soap/?wsdl). This should return a page of XML data about your Magento shopping cart. Do a search on that page for "soap:address location". This search will highlight your SOAP URL address that should allow ReadyShipper to establish a connection with your Magento storefront.

The actual SOAP URL may vary but it could look something like this: http://yourwebsite.com/api/v2_soap/index/

If you are having problems connecting with the SOAP URL, first confirm that you have SOAP V2 installed on the same server as your Magento store. SOAP V1 will not work with ReadyShipper. If your SOAP URL does not have /v2_soap/ in it, then you are most likely on SOAP V1 and will need to update to V2. SOAP is automatically installed with many recent versions of Magento.

If you have entered your SOAP V2 URL and still cannot establish a connection in ReadyShipper, you will want to make sure that the URL itself is populating with XML data. To do this, simply copy and paste the URL into a web browser. Common set up issues/errors with SOAP will return the error message of Invalid XML or will simply display nothing on that webpage. These are issues that will require troubleshooting the actual installation of SOAP on your server.

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