How do I transfer my ReadyShipper Pro to a new computer?

Transferring your copy of ReadyShipper Pro to another Windows or macOS is easy but may take a little time depending on how many orders you have archived in ReadyShipper Pro.


  • A USB Flash Drive with at least 8GB of available space for transferring your ReadyShipper Pro settings and orders to the new computer.

    If you are able to open ReadyShipper Pro on the old computer:
  1. Insert a USB Flash Drive into the computer and create a new folder on the USB Flash Drive named ReadyShipper Backup.
  2. Open ReadyShipper Pro. In the top menu, navigate to  File Export Orders XML All.
  3. In the window that opens, navigate to the ReadyShipper Backup folder you created on your USB Flash Drive in Step 1. In the File Name text-box type Orders and then click the Save button.
  4. Depending on how many orders you have saved in ReadyShipper Pro, the export process could take up to 30 minutes.
  5. Once the export process is complete, shutdown ReadyShipper Pro.
  6. Open File Explorer (or Finder in macOS) and navigate to your Documents folder.
  7. In Documents, open the ReadyShipper folder. Copy settings7.json and license.dat to the ReadyShipper Backup folder on your USB Flash Drive.
  8. In your ReadyShipper Backup folder on the USB Flash Drive, minimally you should now have:
    1. At least one Orders.xml file. Depending on how many orders were exported you may have multiple Orders.xml files.
    2. A settings7.json file.maps
    3. A license.dat file.
    4. If you are using CSV Import/Export maps, you should also see the ImportMaps and Tracking Export Maps folders as well.

Note: If you are unable to open ReadyShipper Pro on the old computer, but still have access to the files on it. You can try copying the entire ReadyShipper folder inside the Documents folder over to the new computer.

Perform these steps next on the new computer:

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the new computer.
  2. If you haven't already, download the latest version of ReadyShipper Pro here.

    Note: If you are on a  Windows PC, make sure you have also updated to the latest version of Java which you can download here.

  3. Once you have installed the latest version of ReadyShipper Pro (and Java, if applicable), go ahead and open ReadyShipper Pro.
  4. It will ask you for your license key. This is normal, go ahead and shutdown ReadyShipper Pro.
  5. Open File Explorer (or Finder in  macOS) and navigate to your Documents folder.
  6. In Documents, open the ReadyShipper folder. Copy the settings7.json and license.dat from the ReadyShipper Backup folder on your USB Flash Drive into the ReadyShipper folder on the new computer. If it prompts to overwrite or replace existing files, select Yes.
  7. Open ReadyShipper Pro. It should now be licensed again and load with all your previous Stores and Shipper accounts.
  8. In the top menu, navigate to File Import. In the window that opens, for Import Type, select TrueShip XML. Click the Import button.
  9. Navigate to the ReadyShipper Backup folder on your USB flash drive and select all of the Order.xml files in the folder. If there are multiple Order.xml files, select the first Order.xml file, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard, and select the last Order.xml file. Click the Open button.
  10. Depending on how many orders you exported earlier, the import process may take some time.
  11. Once the import process is complete, you should now see all your orders and are ready to start using ReadyShipper Pro on your new computer!

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