How do I set up a Rollo thermal printer for use with ReadyShipper X?

Due to the unique way Rollo measures label sizes, you may notice your Rollo thermal printer printing an additional blank label when you have your Form Style set to Thermal 4x6 Label in the ReadyShipper X settings.

  1. Be sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Rollo printer driver for Windows:
  2. Shutdown ReadyShipper X and download and run the following installer to install a special Form Style for your Rollo printer: Thermal-4x6-Label-(Rollo).exe
  3. Once the installer is complete, open ReadyShipper X, navigate to your Settings, and under Labels & Forms, change your Form Style to Thermal 4x6 Label (Rollo).
  4. Next, navigate to File -> Print Setup. Be sure your Rollo printer is selected and click the Properties button.
  5. On the Layout tab click the Advanced button and be sure the Paper Size is set to 100mm x 150mm. Click OK to save your settings.
  6. Click on the Settings tab and be sure at the bottom left, the Width is set to 100mm, and the Height is set to 150mm.
  7. Click OK to save your settings. Click OK once more to close the Print Setup window.

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