How do I enable AIA to show my negotiated UPS rates?

In order to show your negotiated UPS rates in ReadyShipper X, you will need to obtain an invoice from UPS that you received within the past 60 days. It can either be a paper invoice that was mailed to you or a PDF that you can download from your UPS Online Billing Center.

  1. You will want to make sure the UPS invoice you are looking at says Delivery Service Invoice at the top right.
  2. Be sure the address entered into the software matches the address on the UPS Invoice.
  3. To enable AIA (Account Invoice Authentication), you will need the following from the UPS Invoice:
  • Invoice Date 
    • Be sure to enter the date in the correct format specified in the textbox.
  • Invoice Number
    • This will always begin with four leading 0's (zeroes), followed by the UPS account number, followed by a 3-digit invoice number.
      • Example: 0000 12AB34 110 (Do not include spaces when entering the invoice number).
  • Invoice Amount
    • This is the amount listed as "Amount due this period" under "Summary of Charges". Do not include any commas.
      • Example: $1,234.560 should be entered as 1234.56
  • Control ID
    • This is a 4 character-long combination of letters and numbers. It is case-sensitive and should be in all uppercase.
      • Example: 5C67

In ReadyShipper X, you will then enter this information in your Settings under the Shipper Accounts tab:


Lastly, be sure your Pickup Type is set to Daily Pickup and your Customer Classification is set to Negotiated Rates.

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