[Walmart] How do I import my Walmart orders?

You can easily import your Walmart orders into ReadyShipper Pro via a CSV Map. To do this, please perform the following steps:

  1. See page 5 of the following document which outlines how to export your Walmart orders to an excel sheet:

  2. You will then want to import this excel sheet from Walmart into ReadyShipper Pro. To do this, please first downloading the following import map

  3. To add the import map to ReadyShipper Pro, at the top menu, please navigate to File --> Manage Imports. Click the Load Map button and select Walmart.rsmap file from Step 2.
  4. In ReadyShipper Pro, you can then go to File --> Import. In the Order Import window, select Walmart CSV from the Import Type drop down.
  5. Finally, click the Import button and select the excel sheet you downloaded from Walmart in Step 1.

You will then see your Walmart orders import into ReadyShipper Pro and you can begin shipping them as normal.

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