Why am I receiving the error "Stealth Postage is not available in this configuration." ?

As of June 15th, 2020, you will be unable to use First Class Mail and Large Envelope/Flat with Hidden Postage using Stamps.com services. This is a change the USPS has made and this is a new regulation that Stamps.com must comply with.

Hidden (or Stealth) Postage is a feature of Stamps.com that allows you to suppress or hide the physical postage amount from appearing on the shipping label.

There are two workarounds to resolve this error message:

  1. You can leave "Hidden Postage" enabled and change the Package Type in ReadyShipper Pro to "Package" instead of "Large Envelope/Flat". Depending on the order, this will result in a small increase in postage costs.
  2. You can disable the "Hidden Postage" feature and leave the Package Type in ReadyShipper Pro set to "Large Envelope/Flat", however, keep in mind this will print the postage cost on to the very top right of the shipping label.

To disable Hidden Postage in ReadyShipper Pro, you simply need to uncheck the Hidden Postage checkbox as shown below:

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