Why I am seeing multiple Flat Rate Select rates with Express 1?

This is a known issue when using Express 1 with Endicia as the back-end rates provider. They are working to resolve the issue, but there is a current temporary workaround:

1. In ReadyShipper Pro, on the left sidebar, go to Settings --> Shipper Accounts.

2. Select your Express 1 account.

3. At the top right, click the " Add New Account..." button.

4. In the dialog box that opens, leave the Username and Password blank. Be sure to select "Stamps.com" under the Password box.

5. Click the blue link that says " Click here to create your Express 1 account".

6. A new window will open where you will need to fill out your address and credit card information. As long as the Express 1 account is created through the ReadyShipper Pro software there is no monthly subscription fee. The card you put on file will be used strictly for purchasing postage. Once you have completed the form, click the " Submit Form" button.

7. You will now see two Express 1 accounts listed in your Shipper Accounts. Right mouse-click the new Express 1 account you created (it will be grayed out and have a balance of $0.00) and select " Set as Active".

8. Verify the issue is resolved by going back to an order and viewing the Rates tab. You should only see one Flat Rate Select rate listed now.

9. In order to immediately start shipping with the new Express 1 account you will either need to manually add postage as you normally would. You can also call Express 1's accounting department and they will be able to transfer any remaining balance from your old Express 1 account to your new one. You can reach Express 1 directly at 800-399-3971.

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