[Magento v1] How do I connect my store?

To get started, you must first log into your Magento Admin Panel.

Log in to your Magento store Admin Panel. Go to System  --> Web Services --> Roles.

Next, click on Add New Role.

Enter a suitable Role Name. This is not the same as selecting your username. Think of it as creating a new department for web service access.

Next, click on Role Resources.

Under Resources, set your Resource Access to All then click Save Role.

Now, you need to create a new Web Service user.

Go to the System --> Web services --> Users and click Add New User.

Enter your account information. Please note that that the API Key is the password. Remember the User Name and API Key provided in this section. You will need to enter these into ReadyShipper‘s settings screen for Magento module.

In the User Role tab, select the Role you created above. Click Save User and you are done.

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