[Amazon] What do I do if I can't connect my Amazon store anymore?

If you are having trouble connecting to your Amazon store, or are seeing odd behavior like orders importing without addresses, there is an alternative method available for importing your Amazon orders.

1. Create a new ReadyCloud account. Please do not use an old or existing ReadyCloud account. You may have to use a different email address if you already have an existing account.

Important: Please send a note to support@readycloud.com and let us know that you will be using ReadyCloud to import your Amazon orders and which email address you used to create the ReadyCloud account.

2. In the ReadyCloud dashboard, navigate to the App Store on the left sidebar. Scroll down until you see Amazon and click the green Install button on the right.

3. Review the privileges and then click Allow Access.

4. Follow the steps to connect your Amazon Store to ReadyCloud.

5. If you have multiple Amazon stores, you may repeat Steps 2-3 to add as many Amazon stores as you'd like.

6. Depending on how many orders you have in your Amazon Store(s), it may take some time to import all of your orders into ReadyCloud. However, you should see your most recent 30 days worth of orders first so you can start shipping immediately.

7. In ReadyShipper Pro, on the left sidebar, go down to Settings and then select Stores. Click the + button at the bottom left. Select the ReadyCloud logo on the right.

8. Enter the credentials of the ReadyCloud account you created in Step 1.

9. Once the account has been verified, please navigate to Business Systems -> ReadyCloud -> <your_email_address> -> Settings and verify that the switch is toggled to OFF. This switch should always remain in the OFF position. If you are seeing orders that have already been shipped in your Import Brower, it is likely because this switch is toggled to ON.

10. Now you may import your Amazon orders from ReadyCloud by navigating to Stores -> ReadyCloud -> <your_email_address> -> Import Orders. Select a date range at the bottom left and then click Import. 

11. Once you have shipped your orders you will want to select all of your shipped Amazon orders and navigate to  Stores -> ReadyCloud -> <your_email_address> -> Update - Selected. This will post the tracking numbers and fulfillment information back to your Amazon store.

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