How do I create an automation rule?

Automation rules can allow users to automate certain parts of their shipping process by creating "if this, then that" type rule sets. By default, ReadyShipper X comes with one automation rule, "Copy Calculated Weight to Weight" which will copy all imported order weights over to the Weight column so users can sort by order weight. Some other examples of automation rules might include always using a certain shipping carrier for international orders or assigning all orders with the tag "Shipped" after they have been shipped. To create an automation rule:

  1. Go to Rules Automation Automation Rules Editor.
  2. Click the icon at the bottom left to create a new automation rule.
  3. In the Name box, enter a descriptive name for your rule.
  4. For Trigger, select at what time in the shipping process you would like the rule to execute.
    • Manually will execute the rule by right-clicking on an order clicking Apply Rule, and then selecting the rule name.
    • On New Orders will execute the rule at the time the order is imported as long as it is CSV or ODBC.
    • Before Shipping will execute the rule after you click the Ship button but before the label is created.
  5. For Changes, select at which level the automation rule will be applied.
    • Line Items
    • Boxes
    • Orders
  6. Click Condition to add a new filter.

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