Is there a list of available Automation Recipes?

Recipes are small, customized plugins that add unique features to ReadyShipper Pro.

Here is a list of universal Recipes that you may be able to put to work in your business.

  • Clear imported box and item weights.
  • Clear imported line item descriptions.
  • Place every unit of line items into a box of its own.
  • Set the Override Weight of each box to 1 pound.
  • Ship type convert just before shipping.
  • Round up box weights to the nearest ounce.
  • Set Billing to Shipping Address.
  • Set Item Pick Location to Order Packaging Name.
  • Set Override Items.
  • Swap Ship To and Ship From for FedEx Return.

Most Recipes are custom. In addition to these, we have created many Recipes that automatically break out specific items into their own boxes.

If you are interested in any of the Recipes listed above, or have a custom Recipe in mind, please try or Contact Us.

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