How do I ship an international order?

Generally, it is easiest to ship your international orders through USPS as they don't require as much export information as private carriers. ReadyShipper X offers Global Post through which streamlines the international shipping process. You can find more information on Global Post here.

Different countries may also have different requirements for packages going through customs. USPS has a great resource that provides detailed information for shipping to different countries: Individual Country Listings


Settings Defaults

There are a few fields that you can set to have ReadyShipper fill out automatically.

  • Click the Settings icon at the top right and then select the General tab on the left.
  • Make the following changes to have ReadyShipper automatically set these fields when the orders are imported.
    • Set Box Description to Item Description.
    • Set Content Type to Sale.
    • Set Declared Value to Sum of Item Prices.

Ship To Address Format

  • In the View Inspector on the right navigate to Addresses and then Ship To.
  • When entering the Country, most carriers will accept the ISO 3166-2 two-digit code (rather the whole country name). However, there are some exceptions so you may need to check the list for that specific carrier.

Customs Information

  • Under Box Details, every box must have the Unit PriceDescription, and Unit Weight filled in correctly.
    • There are some carrier-specific limits on the length of the Description field. has a limit of 25 characters and Pitney Bowes has a limit of 50 characters.

  • Under Product Details, every product must also have the Origin Country Code set. This is also referred to as the Item Country of Origin.

Automation Rule

  • Setup an Automation Rule to automatically fill out Declared Value and Description.
  • Go to Rules -> Automation -> Automation Rules Editor. Click the + icon to create a new rule.
  • Fill out the rule and click Save.
  • Right mouse click on the order and go to Apply Rule -> Override Items.

UPS Only

  • Under International select Apply in the drop down box.
  • Under Commercial Invoice check the Enable box and set your Content Type (usually it will be Sale).
  • The SED (Shipper's Export Declaration) is sometimes required by UPS depending on the destination country. Please contact your UPS representative if you are unsure how to fill out these fields.
  • The NAFTA Certificate of Origin is sometimes required by UPS depending on the destination country. Please contact your UPS representative if you are unsure how to fill out these fields.

FedEx Only

  • Under Advanced Options -> International you will need to set the Duties Payor to either Sender or Recipient (by default it is Collect).
  • Under Commercial Invoice check the Enable box and set your Content Type to Sold.
  • If a Certificate Of Origin is requested, check off this box.
  • You can also check off Electronic Trade Documents to have the information transmitted to customs electronically. If this is selected, the only document that will be printed is the shipping label.

Sending APO/FPO Military Mail

To correctly address Military Mail, please include:

  1. Name of the recipient (rank/grade/rating is optional)
  2. Include the:
    • PSC (Postal Service Center),
    • CMR (Community Mail Room),
    • UMR (Unit Mail Room),
    • RPO (Regional Post Office),
    • APO (Army Post Office) orOMDC (Official Mail Distribution Center) number.
  3. For FPO addresses aboard a United States Navy or United States Coast Guard vessel, use the ship's name and hull number.
  4. The recipient's Military Post Office Box number.
  5. When mailing to a DPO address, do not include the street address of the embassy or the recipient's job title.
  6. Include the APO and State designator (AA, AP, AE).
  7. The correct ZIP Code, preferably ZIP+4.
  8. Under Shipping Details, you may have to set the APO/FPO Customs Form Type.
    • For orders 16 ounces or more, select CN 22.
    • For orders under 16 ounces, select CP 72.

Here is an example of a correctly formatted APO address:

You can find additional information on shipping Military Mail here.

Countries without Zip Codes

  • Ireland
    • You can find more information on shipping to Ireland here.
  • Hong Kong
    • Please use 999077 for the ZIP code and format the address like so:
    • You can find more information on shipping to Hong Kong here.
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Please use 00000 for the ZIP code and format the address like so:
    • You can find more information on shipping to the United Arab Emirates here.

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