How do I export my orders via ODBC?

Step 1: First choose which orders to export.

To export all orders from a folder, simply select one of the "Orders" folders (Inbox, Shipping Genie, Shipped, All Orders, or Last Imported). You can also export only certain orders by holding down Ctrl or Shift and selecting those orders from the order list. You cannot export multiple folders at once.

Step 2: Once you have your folder or orders selected, click the "Export" button.

Step 3: The "Export Orders" window will appear. Click the "Create Map" button.

Step 4: Choose "ODBC Table" and click the "Select" button.

Step 5: Fill out your ODBC source information and click the "Connect" button. Select the table from the drop down box that you want to export your orders to and click the "Select" button.

NOTE: If you are not sure how to fill out this information, please consult your website/database administrator for further assistance.

Step 6: Choose which fields from ReadyShipper you would like to map to columns in your ODBC database.

Select a field from the "Available Fields" on the left and click the right arrow button to move it to the "Mapped Fields" on the right. Once you are done moving fields into "Mapped Fields", be sure to go through each field individually and under "Define Field", map it to the appropriate column in your ODBC database. You can also remove a field from the "Mapped Fields" by selecting it and click the left arrow button.

Step 7: Give your new export map a name, select a weight unit and then click the "Save" button.

Step 8: Select the new export map you just created and click the "Export" button.

Step 9: Select one of the two options based on what you chose in Step 1 and then click the "Start" button.

Step 10: Wait for your orders to finish exporting.

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